PeopleCon provides professional interpreting services in Northern Ireland for Private and Public Sector clients. 

We know the struggle when language barrier puts you in the dead end. And we want to help everyone, who is in distress by providing professional interpreting services. Our interpreters are all qualified professionals, so be assured that you will be receiving the best possible service. At the moment our language list is limited, but we are working on bringing new interpreters in to our team. So if you can't find your language now, check back later as we constantly are looking for more interpreters. Below you can find  list of languages and services available for the moment.

Public Service / Community Interpreting
Interpreters are required to interpret in a wide variety of settings such as hospital appointments, citizen advise appointments, GP's appointments  etc. The interpreter must remain calm and impartial, often dealing with sensitive and distressing information.

Language's available:

Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Arabic.


Pleas include in your E-mail:

Your name and company

Language needed

Reason for meeting

Date and time


Additional information for interpreter if needed.

If you can't find language that you need, we would appreciate if you would let us know which language you ware looking for, so that we could do our best to make it available next time you visit our site. Please fill in the form below requesting the language you need.